Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rain Rain and Rain

Yahoo! Weather is mad..

It's another great rainy day. Woow! Yesterday evening only had a very close shave without getting soaked. Rainy days at office are great, whilst at home (and even school maybe) they suck. They have their own appeal. Anyways I'd always prefer a downpour day than a dark, gloomy day. Maybe because I prefer action. Last few day's kinda made me mad although I always dragged along that behemoth umbrella with me, never got a chance to use it. Haha! Got one today. I always like to savor the feeling to sit at an empty office in a rainy morning whilst all the engineers still are out in the traffic or still in bed [thinking it's yesterday]. One thing I hate about rain are wet shoes. They can make the whole day a nightmare. But if you make it though without getting the H2O in, then you're it.

I prefer a rainy evening than a morning. A morning it way too bustling to have the fun outof it. The evening you can do what-not like watching your poor colleagues worry without having umbrellas and like.. Another thing I've seen, there's a marked supply of high water pressure in the mornings when it's raining: means half the people are missing showers? Lazy scoundrels. One thing I can't miss however it storms is a shower.

I hope that darn drain at the top of my street hasn't overflown, else I'll have to swim again of detour with shame. Ohh.. and the washing?? Oh god the washing. Though it's not my prob directly it kinda bothers me: I'd hate to find myself outof fresh sweats in the evening.

Well it already looks like clearing up a bit. Oh well, let battle commence. But still half the guys are out. How so? As I remember the traffic was a bit decent today. Perhaps they're thinking it's still yesterday.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Workout Routine

Recently I've started working out proper. Perhaps I'm after the physique after watching too much U.S. Marine films. Still I didn't use the subsidized gym membership. Will go for it shortly: for now, this is what I go through every morning:

01. Stretch [try to make your crotch kiss the concrete: I'm doin' pretty well!]
02. Two (sometimes) sets of sqats, each of 30 reps.
03. 2 sets of feet-up push-ups, each of 30 reps.
04. Two sets of curls, each of 10 reps.
05. Two sets of pull-ups, each 10-12 reps.
06. Two sets of close-hands push-ups, each of 10 reps.
07. That's it.

This works. For a start it's giving me amazing results. Try it, and if you survive, comment.